Trevor Shimizu "Hudson River and More?"

2021. 1. 17 Sun - 2. 14 Sun

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce our second solo exhibition with New York based artist Trevor Shimizu. A selection of Shimizufs recent solo and group exhibitions includes : gTrevor Shimizu: Performance Artist", ICA, Philadelphia, gMasterpieces (with Ken Kagami)h, curated by Emily Wattlington, Anthony Greenery, Somerville (both 2020), gTrevor Shimizu: Performance Artisth, Kunsthalle Lisbon and gDowntown Paintingh, presented by Alex Katz, Peter Freeman Inc, New York (both 2019)

"My previous show included works about farting. This one is a return to my interest in classic painting traditions, color, scale, the domestic interests of painters like Bonnard, Courbet, and Van Gogh. I spent previous years making jokes. It was often an arduous process, a lot of pre-preparation. The new work is more straightforward and carefree. In some ways therefs a dumbing down of the process. A dumbing down of fart jokes is a funny idea.
The first few landscapes were often painted from memory or hybrids of various landscapes. Many of my most recent paintings are what I would call en plein aire - delayed. Theyfre depictions of landscapes around the Hudson River, Westchester County, and Connecticut.h-The artist